Thursday, January 11, 2007

Planning Retreat Weekend

Well its official. Now that we have had our final planning session and weekend retreat (Jan 6-7) we are on. We have our full complement of staff Angela, Jan, Anne, Eunie, Nancy, Carolyn, Daniel, Jonathan, Mary Anne, Pat, Tiffany and myself, Steve. Your new official blogger. As you can see we did a little urban planning with respect to the clinic neighborhood as well.

We had an extremely informative series of presentations about tropical diseases we might expect to see and a thorough orientation to Haiti, Bod Me Limbe. Now all we have to do is pack ;)

While we went loooong on our discussions Brenda our invaluable assistant managed to complete a scrapbook of our events and coverage up to this week. How she managed to complete that masterpiece in 3 hours I have no idea.

By the way I would like to thank the Red Rock Lodge for hosting us. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place.

We have also begun working with an organization based out of Washington DC called Vwa Ayiti organized by Jimmy Felter who is doing great work in Labadie and recent completed construction of piping for a new water supply and the first of a series of Dry Raised Latrines. These ingenious designs are courtesy of an organization based out of Stanford called SOL. We hope to do a community survey in BML along with members of SOL ( to investigate the possibility of installing one of them there. It is all about cooperation and community sustainability.
The final preparations are underway and we will be packing next weekend. The next update will be from Labadie.

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