Friday, February 16, 2007

Did I Mention The Goats

Friday Feb 9, 2007

Did I mention the goats? Did I forget the roosters? How could I forget the roosters! My new favourite food is deep fried gallo! Crow at dawn? Only if dawn hits at 3:00am and continues through noon! Don’t goats sleep? Can it really rain that hard? All great questions I hope one day to answer. Are you getting the idea that sleep was rather illusive. See last statement from previous entry. An equation for a long day.

I will say that the crew did a fantastic job. Nancy, Anne, Jon/Big Poppo and Karen in the triage each with a tradwi (translator). Yes for those of you who know Jon he was doing the triage nurse thing. Licence? We don’t need no stinking licence! Dan the Urine Man in the lab constantly moving his desk around his cell to have enough light to read preg tests. He was the first to know that Jo’s wife Jumane is pregnant. Eunie and Carolyn in the famasi. Refer previous licence reference. Last but not least Angela (clearly a woman in great demand) and Tiffany who removed something from somebody. Too icky I am sure to elaborate. Of course Mary Anne who like an extremely calm drill sergeant kept everyone flowing where they were supposed to be.

All said and done a pretty impressive first day. Did I mention the completion of the day under kerosene lamps?

Pat and I spent the day lamenting the fact that the tubing for our solar powered water pump got left in Montreal with Air Canada so that we could not have the lazy way out. Lament not however with the help of some locals we bucket loaded up a ladder and into the tank so that everyone could have a working shower, sink and flush toilet. Again something you take for granted until you have a day in a remote clinic in 30 degree heat with 100% humidity. Once the solar shower was rigged up someone could even have a hot shower if they were inclined to do it in full view of the entire village. We are what we have come to describe as the Show.

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