Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From Land Cruiser to Cruise Liner

Sunday February 18, 2007

We headed back to Labadie early so that Jo could take the young girls that live in the Kay Nous House to Mass to pray for Janelle Spratt the young woman from Hearts Together who began the Kay Nous program. She was just recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. We took a Tap Tap our first experience with this unique local form of transportation. A Tap Tap is a small Toyota pickup circa mid 80’s with wooden benches in the back. You Tap the side to get in and Tap to get off. We put 14 people into this thing with carry on bags plus driver and drove over the Labadie road which it more an exaggeration than an actual route. Save your dollars on Disney go to Haiti and take the kids on a Tap Tap.
After Mass we hired a water taxi to take us to Coco Beach the RCI property which locals can use on non ship days. This is in fact Disney. I personally have never taken a cruise and can not comment but WOW this would be a fabulous way to spend a day. Also the shopping on non cruise day is quite negotiable if you can find a guy to open and deal before site security shows up to shut him down. That being said we have an excellent supply of masks (we met the carver), walking staffs with intricate carvings and sequined banners which would fetch a fortune. All purchases from us are fully tax deductible. Make your order early.

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