Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Long Road Home

Tuesday February 20, 2007

Now seasoned Haiti hands the route through the mountains, down into the experience that is Cap Haitian was a cinch we hardly even noticed the stench anymore.

Back in PAP the Healing Hands folks arranged to carry us through from Domestic to International with a pit stop at their compound for lunch and a quick dip in the pool. A little luxury on our way out. A series of “helpers” and a few payoffs later we were checked in and our overweight bags were aboard with no problems. Sometimes a little baksheesh is a good thing. Downside is that with the computer system down, the tickets hand written and open seating the load numbers for the plane did not work out and we had to go back to the terminal after the plane had rotated to the end of the runway. An hour later and a 250km headwind meant we missed our connections and due to the every high quality assistance of Air Canada (meaning we are not happy until you are not happy). We got a hotel and re-rigged for tomorrow.

Well that is all for this trip. Tiffany has already booked for April and has a team put together. As a Team we would all like to express our sincere thanks to those you supported our efforts financially and to our families and friends who supported emotionally (and probably financially too). For those that went this was a life changing experience and all have committed to returning. I know the entire village of BML would love to see Big Poppo again. I know we would like to thank Jo for his support, his guidance and all of his work for the people of Haiti. He is family.

Once again thank you all.

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