Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 6- Our Day-Off

Breakfast was still at 7am on this day but we were used to waking early by now. Carl & Linda got dressed in their finest and walked down the beach and up the hill to the Baptist church where they attended a short service from 8-12noon. They were active participants and honoured guests at the service-Carl even did a solo number which was well received. The church congregation was dressed in their finest apparel and they welcomed the onlookers peering through the doors.
Most of us went for a walk on a path overlooking Bouchi and along to Joli beach. We were regularly greeted by the locals and picked up quite a few along the way.
Later we took a twelve foot row boat with 16 passengers and rowed across to Caramel Island. Jo followed on his sea-doo with a picnic for us. Once all were set-up and baking in the sun Jo broke out the rum punch I mean rum PUNCH which was followed by hot-dogs and macaroni salad-delicious. We then snorkeled in the warm ocean waves, while some continued to literally roast on the beach (Mel, Michelle & Jon!). Then a very special treat came when Tiffany surprised us by asking a fisherman to roast his catch for the day. He had 4 lobsters, 4 snails, and 1 conch. He began by laying some dry twigs to make a small fire. Once he had a smokey fire going he laid the lobsters directly on the fire. He then broke open the snails and the conch with two rocks and laid them next to the lobsters where the scoff began to roast nicely. The food was turned with his bare hands and was then washed and laid on many palm sized leaves to be shared out and it was absolutely delicious sweet and juicy sea food!

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