Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Clinic Day 1

Well who slept through that heat? We all did! Now this is the routine- breakfast at 7, clinic at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 5. Work your swims in around that. Time flies in a day with the variety of work and the number of patients.
The patients of BML and surrounding villages are lined up at the gate by 6:30am. Many have walked two hours to get to BML- age ranges from a few months to 90 years. The very old may return by moped-taxi (5 gourds = 12 cents) for a 30 minute return ride. Imagine your ailing grandmother on a moped. This day we saw 75 patients only half of what we expect to see in the coming days as this was still a set-up day. So while the nurses are in triage, and the doctors are in their offices, there is still the pharmacy, the lab, the registration, administration, and site services to run. There is no shortage of work and no shortage of enthusiasm. Those of us who have never seen a lab are thrilled to be trained-in and hope to be in charge tomorrow (Mel) -thanks to the great teachings of Jonathan! The GP’s are seeing patients with kelloid scars, and other lumps and bumps that might require removal. When they can, some doctors are able to take the time to explain to the translator the need for such procedures. They might even quiz them about why the patient might need such a procedure (Carl)! The pharmacy is blocked with orders for prescriptions and deliveries to triage and doctors, we are mixing medications and preparing scabies treatments with a mixture of Haitian lard and sulfur. Pharmacy rocks!

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