Monday, August 20, 2007

Haiti Meet And Greet Retreat

Hello all. This past Saturday we hosted get together of past and future volunteers at our home in Miramichi. The weather was decidedly un-Haiti and a retreat to the hot tub to get a taste of the humidity and temperature was necessary. What Momma does on her own took the better part of our team to prepare. Grigot (marinaded and fried pork) Red Beans and Rice, Plantains and Pickley. Mmmmm Haitilicious!

We watched a slideshow of previous trips and the new How-To videos are particularly informative and amusing. Through it all we did not manage to turn off any of the new recruits who can not claim that we candy coated any of the potential hardships.

I am pleased to report that we are almost fully staffed for October, February and April. I am also extremely pleased to report that little Robo seems to be one of the lucky 30% of Polio diagnoses and is recovering.

John "Big Poppo" Cormier is now well into his RCMP training. I am sure we all wish him well. I am sure he would love to hear from everyone at

For now until later.


fireman said...

This is the only spot I could leave a comment. I was wondering if you have heard anything from the group that is there now. With Tropical Storm Noel, has anyone heard anything from them. If so could you please post it on this site.

Brittnee said...

You write very well.