Monday, November 12, 2007

Tuesday, November 6th

On our last half-day of clinic, we were scheduled for 75 people and saw 97. We finished up at one o’clock, each of us had a packet of cookies for lunch, then we all broke down the clinic. We went for our last swim, this time accompanied by ten or so kids, all naked expect for the one girl who wore pink undies. The last waves from the hurricane must finally have reached us, because we spent an hour body surfing. Yoella made up games with the kids – 1-2-3-belly flop, and sit-at-the-water’s-edge-and-wait-for-a-wave-to-push-us-back. Leon tried to do Patrick Swayze lifts with Yoella, which had us all doubled over with laughter. After showers and before supper, Leon and Yoella gave out some skipping ropes they had brought, which caused a minor state of emergency among the children gathered at the gate. For the rest of the night, each time any of us left the yard, it was to a chorus of Blanc! Blanc! Blanc!, which is their name for we pigment-challenged people. All night, little hands on our cameras and water bottles and bracelets.
~ Monica Kidd

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