Friday, May 02, 2008

Once More Into The Breach

Karen Cimer and I are back in Haiti. I must say we came with some degree of
anxiety given the latest round of troubles but the streets are quiet and as
chaotic as normal. We came down ahead of the team to get the large supply
shipment arranged only to discover that the shipment is still clearing US
Customs on its way to Miami. Oh well. We met with the coordinators of the
Medical Manba Program and the staff at the Bethesda Hospital. The one in
Cap Haitien not the one in Maryland where George W gets is physicals! We
met with SOL the folks who designed and pioneered the installation of the
now famous, at least locally, composting toilets who are also involved in
the development of water treatment systems for the region. A great meeting
and great people. Lastly and probably most importantly we got the tin for
the roof of the new Haiti Village Health Guest House! Built on top of the
famous Joe Barbosa Casa Del Sunflower it now has half a roof. Why half you
may ask? Apparently only half of the roofing materials came in from Miami.
I guess some of us are still sleeping in the school and you know who you
are. Lastly, we moved the pharmacy from his former classroom home into its
new permanent location in the also newly completed Clinic. Well til next

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