Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 21st THE WAY HOME

Our Mission Completed. We saw over 800 people, distributed 120 packs of prenatal vitamins and treated over 1300 people with anit-worm medications.

We left Cormier Plage after a well deserved rest for our final trip in Haitian transportation. By far, this was the bumpiest ride I'd ever had in Haiti. I must remind volunteers that anyone with a bad back would not be able to tolerate the Haitian roads - especially after the rains.

We got to Lynx early as always, but the plane was delayed so we had an extra 90 minutes to waste away at the airport. Lucky for me I was able to meet a contact I'd been communicating with for a while. Dr. Pat Wolff from St. Louis and Medika Mamba Queen(the nutritionally peanut butter meal replacement) was at the airport seeing off one of her workers. We had used this nutrition substitute for severely malnourished children in July and August in Bod me Limbe with great success. Dr. Wolff recently was awarded a grant and now supplies this supplement to malnourished children through a day program at the Justinian. It was a great time for us to network.

Eventually our flight got off the ground, including our nurse Katrina. There was a brief moment of anxiety regarding her entry requirements into the US, as the Lynx ticketing agents had removed an important card from her passport in Fort Lauderdale. The pilot took care of things, though it did take a special phone call to customs in Florida. I'll remember that one for next time.

So, just 2 1/2 hours later and we arrived in Fort Lauderdale. Impossible it seems, that another world could exist just at Haiti's doorstep. If only we could communicate to them, our families and friends and all those around us the dire needs of the Haitian.

For the team, it truly was a learning experience and eye-opener. I know that some will return but that none will forget the experience they've had in their 2 week exposure to another corner of our huge big planet.

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