Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday with Jill Alison

Finally after the hectic and rewarding week the day of rest for both us and the Haitians who certainly could use it more than us.  The group broke up  as some took time to enjoy the down morning, Katrina and Jan braved the often day long services at the Baptist Church just to hear the singing (they did not last the day).  Carolyn,  Karen and myself went off to visit the seniors who they or their families sponsor in their homes which is always a great visit for all. 

In the afternoon everyone reassembled for row to Ile Caramel and Sante Pou Yo tradition.  From the beach, a lot like Lost, everyone went snorkeling, swimming,  hiking or lazing under a palm tree.  Those of us that went hiking got the full on Indiana Jones experience as we got turned around coming back from a scramble to the top of the island.  Arriving at a small cliff area  and seeing the beach we decided that discretion was not the better part of valour and that returning at all costs with the Crystal Skull was so we  scrambled down to the beach.  Safely I am pleased to say with no major  spider, evil villian or 20 minute chase scenes.  All true except for the Crystal Skull part unless you count a water bottle.

Jo surprised us on our return with an evening of Kompa (the local Haitian version of Soca, Raggae and Calypso all rolled into one.  He had hired a DJ from the next big town and everyone got lessons in how to really dance.  But of course by 10:30 we were all exhausted and knew that with a General Clinic day approaching the crowds would start to form before 6:30.

See you all soon. 

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