Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, Day 1 of clinic

Hello all, well day 1 has come and gone.  Everything went quite smoothly.  Well, I guess I can say that since I wasn't the organizer.  I'm not sure of our head count but there were a lot of people through.
I was working today with our Dr. Mona Alexis from Bod me Limbe.  It was great to work with her in a non-pressured setting having a little more time to discuss patients and their management.  We realized that although poverty is greater in the north, the south is in need of a greater network for health care.   It is for just that reason that I am hosting a meeting of Health groups in the Jacmel area on Thursday evening.

Our day finished up around 4:00, then a few of the team headed for a quick dip on the beach, while I sat and chatted with Dr. Mona.  We've come up with lots of great ideas for Bod me Limbe, including expanding our Community Health Worker/Agence Sante program. 
This evening I've been kept busy with planning for Thursday evening while the team gets to know one another a little better.
It is a little strange being here in the south, but setting up this health network is for the greater good of the region and I know the benefits of it will be great.

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larry rahn said...

hi , my name is larry rahn. i am an er physician involved with an orphanage/clinic in haiti. phillip
rego gave me your name. i would like to talk to
you about your clinics in haiti.
thanks, larry rahn

larry rahn said...

larry rahn again. by the way my e-mail is
homerahn1@mac.com thanks