Friday, January 22, 2010

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Today was another long one, and I'm exhausted now so this will be short.
We spent our day at the airport once again.  Supply planes from the Dominican were few as it was a public holiday and there are increasing problems with air traffic through there.
We had only 2 planes from Florida, but they did carry valuable orthopedic supplies and surgeons which started work in Cayes Jacmel.
More earthquakes again today.  Two just around noon.  I was in the airport for the first one and the whole place just shook.  About 5 minutes later while standing outside the land moved beneath my feet.  I heard they registered 4.1   I can't quite describe the feeling, like a subway train passing by and the ground rolling beneath you.
We were able to coordinate much needed medical volunteers to the Leogane area that was hit so hard.  We had information from our first team on the ground that there was a baby that needed an amputation of her foot.  She was taken to the field operating room which had just been set up.  The teams travelled onboard Canadian Huey Helicopters.  Go Canada!!!  Actually we've been working very closely with them and they've been as accommodating as possible.
So that brings me to the airport.  My friends Danny, Gwen and Nick have been there for over a week and have decided it's time to return again to their families and child care duties.  I decided that I would take over management of missionaries/supplies arriving at the airport.  The Canadians will be securing the airport tomorrow.  Tonight I met with the Military Police and UN commander.  They feel this role is essential but beyond their mandate at present.  I know I am an Emergency Room doctor, but at this point in time I do feel my role is best served helping coordinate the other small NGOs on the ground.  It is true that the UN, World Food Program, USaid deliver huge amounts of aid, but if it had not been for Danny Pye and his team working from day 1 to get supplies into Jacmel, many more lives would have been lost.
So, tomorrow at 6 am, we will meet at the airport to begin our day.  I will be joined by Sarah Wallace of Olive Tree Projects and Jeff Brown in coordinating this effort.
Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.
Tiffany Keenan, MD CCFP
Haiti Village Health
"Sustainable Health Care in Haiti"
7 Marley Beach Drive
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Bermuda. 441-599-7709
Canada. 506-474-2429
skype.  tiffany.keenan.1971

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Mary-Ann said...

Thanks for keeping us all up to date with what is happening. Many ppl are asking about you around the hospital. Glad you are safe. Continue your great work and efforts! Thinking and praying for you and your team. God Bless.