Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Feb 18

I'm sorry I haven't blogged as much in recent days though a few of the other team members are now beginning to send updates. I will be leaving shortly and am trying to ensure continuity of the work I am doing here.

The past several days were busy. First Prime Minister Harpers visit. We had a wonderful discussion with him and a few of the NGOs on the ground.

We had several medical teams dispatched. A large one to Support thre hospital in Bainet just about 3 hours from here. The red cross dominican assisted with a salvation army relief clinic in Decosse just north of the city. The following day they helped at a clinic near the airport. They were also able to arrange transfer of a you baby with hydrocephalus t the dominican republic for treatment.

We have a medical team in seguin at present and another on their way there.

Karen Cimer, a HVH long term team member has arrived to continue my health coordination efforts. Marilyn Wilson arrived yesterday from New Orleans yesterday and will assume the role of volunteer coordinator. I met her husband on his way out of Haiti 2 weeks ago and we had a brief conversation about the importance of a coordinarted response to health care. He said Marilyn may be intereste and I'm so happy everything worked out and we were able to get her on the ground.

She will help coordinate volunteers from the USA and Canada to match our needs here in the south.

Cesar Espinoza from Florida started working with logistics over 1 week ago and I am very happy that he will be continuing for the next several months in that role.

The work at the airport is coming together but I've come a long way in just over a month.

Yesterday I was able to meet members of the organization Direct Relief International. They heard that I was coordinating ngos in Jacmel and contacted me regarding medication shipments. They were surprised with thr quantities I ordered from them. Once we chatted on the phone and after we met in person yesterday in the city they fully understand the need in trying to service all of southeastern Haiti.

I was happy that the Hearts Together Team from Windsor, Ontario had arrived as they were able to assist with the unloading of a full cube van full of medications.

So, that's a little insight to the last few days. We did pause last night after the truck got unloaded to celebrate Cesar's 32nd birthday. We took our truck, a tap tap that we rent for 60 bucks a day and has to be started with a screwdriver to a nice restaurant in Cayes Jacmel, about 20 minutes away. We don't get much of a break here so it was nice to be together outside of the airport environment. Cesar had an enjoyable time and happy birthday was sung in all languages.

On the tap tap ride home someone commented how different life is here in Haiti. I hope from reading my blog that you are able to get some idea of the challenges faced in the disaster relief efforts.

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