Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update Thursday, Feb 11

Well I didn't get the chance to finish my writing from yesterday. After my meet and greet with angelina Joli I was right back to work.

A helicopter arrived that was scheduled to send groups on a site assessment. They didn't show so I spoke with air traffic about myself and a few others going. I had been planning to get a team to the region anyway and this was an excellent opportunity. Luckily a rep from ACDIVOCA was around who spoke creole, and I encouraged a family doc and his nurse to join us as we had been discussing site assessments.

So in a few short minutes, I left the airport to my new wingman Cesar Espinoza from Miami, Ruth and Gina. I took Fredo along as my translator.

The flight out along the south coast was beautiful. It took only 10 minutes by air to make what would have been a 3 hour rough ride.

Ill tell you more about the day tomorrow as my fingers are tired from texting. But overall what a start to the day with Angelina and a helicopter trip. The smile on my friend Fredo's face was overwhelming. What an opportunity for this 23 year old wanna be doctor.
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Joan S - nb said...

You Blog is so interesting, Thank you for taking time to let us know how you are and what you are doing. God Bless !