Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Write-Up in "The Royal Gazette"

Bermuda doctor meets movie star Angelina Jolie in Haiti

By Mikaela Ian Pearman

Bermuda-based doctor Tiffany Keenan (left) meets movie star Angelina Jolie in Haiti.

Bermuda-based Emergency Room Doctor Tiffany Keenan got a touch of glamour while treating earthquake victims in Haiti when movie star Angelina Jolie showed up.
Ms Jolie visited Jacmel — a village in Haiti— on Wednesday and was met by members of the Canadian Force and Dr. Keenan.
The actress travelled to Haiti in support of humanitarian efforts being made by the international community since the earthquake devastated the country January 12.
She came on a United Nations aircraft and said: "I think that all the efforts being made to deliver aid to Haiti are amazing. It's beautiful to see the enthusiasm of the people who are here in support of the Haitian people. The co-operation among all the nations who've come here is wonderful and heart-warming."
On Dr. Keenan's blog, www.haitivillagehealth.blogspot.com, she said: "A great start to the day. Ms Jolie just passed through Jacmel airport. She was greeted by the UN and Canadian military. The Major was kind enough to make introductions for me.
"We discussed my coordination at the airport, and she asked about the need for certain countries to help in certain zones. I told her we had just discussed this in our health meeting.
"She was very pleasant and not at all rushed to talk, but she had an agenda and the UN whisked her away to Pinchinat, the refugee camp. Great to have her bringing more publicity to Haiti. And yes she is beautiful."

Dr. Keenan left for Haiti a week after the hurricane and has not said when she will return.
The 38-year-old, who lives in Paget, set up the Haiti Village Health charity several years ago and has a clinic in the northern part of the island, run by locals.
While she is in Jacmel treating patients, she updates her blog daily.
On Tuesday she said: "Busy day as always. Sorry about the spam e-mail. Meeting tonight with hospital, community coalition for Haiti and MSF. Trying to improve flow there.
"Today flew plane of 6 patients to US coordinated by team Ange. Two young kids with amputations. Very hard to see but they will be fitted with prosthetic limbs. One young boy with fractured tib fib and external fixators. Docs advised amputation but hoping to save his leg at shriners hospital.
"Moved new medical team to Pinchinat refugee camp. Venezuelans starting work as well. Globe and Mail reporters in town. May stay at my new guesthouse. Busy busy. Goodnight."
She also spoke about a possibly of staying in Haiti.
"Our team has grown to eight at present and we still need a few more. One of our concerns is the need for a coordinated effort for future health care in the region. I see myself as having a long term role to play in this situation. I did have a potential job offer from the Director of the Dominican Red Cross. I would love to continue in this role, but it is difficult without full funding and I have my work responsibilities as a full-time emergency doctor in Bermuda."
Earlier this week, Dr. Keenan fell victim to an Internet scam and her e-mail account was hacked with the sender asking for money.
The message said she was in the UK from a week in Haiti helping earthquake victims and her hotel was destroyed by fire. It also said she had no means of paying for the hotel and needed $2,070 in order to return home.

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