Friday, July 23, 2010

Update Volunteers in Jacmel

Well our medical students and volunteers from Canada have arrived to help in preparation with the upcoming medical clinic in Chabin. We have secured a large tent with the help of Calvary Chapel to use until construction of the clinic is completed. These young students will work alongside our Haitian staff to prepare for the opening. A health committee has been formed in the region to educate the residents about the new clinic, and also to ask for their help in planning this health project.

If you're looking for health facilities in Haiti, check out Resource Finder at the link in the left column. This will be updated by Health Facilities throughout Haiti to aid in finding specialists and directing patient care.

Plans for our air ambulance service are underway. We hope to have two full time planes on the ground by mid November offering free service to those in need. The logistics of medical dispatch and education of local health staff is currently being planned.

The depot is quite empty at the moment but we are hoping for a supply from Direct Relief International in the upcoming week. These medicines will be distributed to local NGOs free of charge for use in their clinics.

The clinic is running well under the direction of Mr Santo Pierre. Our chlorine project is underway. Santo identified that some villagers are still unsure as to the benefit of chlorine so our physician will work with the Agence Sante (community Health workers) to increase our public relations campaign as to the benefit of clean water.

I hope to have an update from the medical students on the ground to post next week, along with some photos.