Friday, February 16, 2007

No Wait This Feels Like Vacation

Sunday Feb 11, 2007

BEACH DAY!. Once again thanks to the roosters and goats we were up at the crack of an hour before dawn for breakfast. We hailed a couple of outgoing poissionaires to row us across to Ile Caramel. The island just to the east of BML for those of you following on Google Earth. Site of one of the first brick kilns in the new world. If this was in Canada there would be a bilingual interpretive center, a campground and a $50 fee to visit. Here you stumble across it on a walk through the bush. Did I mention there is a 14th century French cannon lying derelict 20 metres from where I am sitting. It would look great in my backyard in case any marauding English privateers tries to take my gazebo.

We helped the locals pull in their nets. I can not see how they can do that 4 times a day 7 days a week. I had gloves on and got blisters. I am doux (soft). Snorkeled until sunburned. Drank from coconuts taken from the trees above our heads and ate cous-cous on the beach. The locals sold us lobster and conch to each later!
Back on dry land in BML we took a stroll through the whole village (5 minutes). To the next village (5 minutes). Up the beach on the western side of the peninsula to yet another village. Planted manioc with a local farmer. Amused the kids by placing my hand and theirs on Tiffany’s sunburned back to make a white handprint. 40 kids later……we headed back.

The evening was taken up with a village meeting. Several of the elders came so we could ask how we were doing. If the village was supportive. What were the concerns they had that we might be able to assist with. I am happy to saw all went very well. Great people. Very pleased. Extremely thankful and very much looking forward to the completion of the HTFH school that we are occupying and our return. They asked if the same people could come back. Good luck living up to our reputation Carl, Linda and Roxanne ;)

Again a great meal cooked by Jo and Momma and the most surreal experience we have yet had. Voudou Dancing. For those of you don’t like dancing or west African inspired animist religions please turn the page. For those of you who live for authentic experiences outside of your comfort zone this is it. Total darkness except for the fires and the exceptional flare caused by high proof rum being thrown into it, drumming like I have never heard, a cacophony of singing and what can best be described as wonton dancing. Yes I used the word wonton. Now I know what that means. Tiff, Mary Anne and Carolyn wore their Vouvou head scarves. Angela and Nancy danced like their lives depended on it. I think I got married. Still trying to get a handle on how that went.

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