Friday, February 16, 2007

Start Of Another Work Week

Monday February 12, 2007

Back to Clinic for another day. Set up is now old hat. Up at the crack of rooster crowing for a refreshing, sic cold, shower. You have never really appreciated a cold shower so much! A beautiful breakfast prepared by Momma and the crew, Jumane, Diego (because I am unable to pronounce her name) and off to clinic. Amazing that at 7:30 we already have a line. As I have said we are the Show.

The daily events will from this time on be a little more mundane. Mundane if practicing medicine in a swamp with goats can be considered mundane. Oh yeah Dokte Angela discovered a large tarantula had taken up residence in here clinic this afternoon. He was a short, hairy dark stranger. Not really here type but despite her best effort he did not get the point and leave. No one else had the gallantry to ask him to leave. They say their are no poisonous spiders here. But then again the english/kreyol translation is questionable.

Note I am not referencing any of the sad cases we see as that is just a downer. I am pleased to say we are making a difference. New and expectant mothers are getting nutrition and counselling. Malnourished kids are being introduced to Centrum. We had one cute little kid who came in in a bad state with pneumonia and received an antibiotic shot. He came in the next day a new kid. It certainly gave everyone a lift. Oh yeah we had one woman come in and we very much thought we might even deliver our first baby. Let me tell you as a non medical guy walking into that room was a bit of an eye opener!

After clinic we went for an afternoon swim to the beach at the end of town. On the way back John and I got into a pick up game of soccer with a group of little kids to whom I gave a ball from the clinic the previous week. Equipe Canada represented well. So well in fact that two local kids changed sides and joined us.

A Demain.

Still having photo upload problems. I should not complain as we have power and at least weak satellite internet.

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Dale said...

Dont forget to bring some of that dark rum home with ya....