Friday, February 16, 2007

This Is What We Get For Killing A Pig

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007

The pregnant lady did not deliver in the clinic. In fact she went home. Here is a point of reference. Every new mother down here breast feeds. Let me say there is no shyness about it. Anywhere. Anytime. Something we in North America should consider.

Nothing really overly dramatic at the clinice. Except maybe for the cleaning of the urine bottles. Pat really should not have been standing around that day looking for something to do, Thankfully I was doing something else that day. Who really cares what it was I was not cleaning urine bottles. Think about it John and Dan did over 300 urine samples. Pi Pi Anpil (that is a "lot of pee")

Shortly after dinner/dark before bed. About 7:30pm. Yes we are all in bed by no later than 8:30. Best rest ever. Oh yeah did I mention that Pat snores. Really snores! Oddly no one seems to hear it anymore. Scares the goats away though.

Anyway, back to the evening. Rained. Rained like only Noah before us has seen. Lightning. Thunder. Rain. Rain. Rain. Within 10 minutes the water leve at the pavillion was knee deep. We had to move all the tents and hunker down. By the time we had all the prep completed and everything battened down the rain laid off. The next morning we had ponds everywhere! The clinic yard was flooded. The rain scared all the cockroaches, spiders, frogs and a particularly amourous toad into John's, Karen's and Angela's room. For those of you interested her kissing the toad did not result in any interesting results (Karen). Just quoted from Karen, "It was a beautiful toad"

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