Sunday, February 18, 2007

Old Mand Pat Turns 54

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

Thursday is our last day of clinic in BML. Started early and ran through 2:00pm to get everyone seen. Saw some unfortunately sad cases today. That type of thing really makes you take stock of what we have, what we can give and what we have no power over.

There was also a great reason to get everything rigged down. It was Pat’s 54th. We circulated a card among all the staff and locals who we had come to know and prepared ourselves for a lovely repast of kabrit (goat). Did I mention that we were witness to the goat’s demise? Bright and early the neighbors came to get said goat who we had taken to calling merely Snacks since his future had already been set and there was no point in getting too close. Food chain positioning and all that. Dan, ever the hunter, did a National Geographic video of the deed. Not for the weak of heart. Although Karen, who has a soft spot for every scrawny dog and stray cat down here, did soldier up to witness the event.

It was excellent goat. Served both fried and in a sauce. Fresh. You don’t know the meaning of fresh until you have participated in the preparation of your own meat. For those of you who have never had goat. It does not taste like chicken.

For his birthday Pat found a contaminated well which made him about as happy as a pig rooting around a well. Which really is the reason for the contamination in the first place. Jo outdid himself again and baked a cake consisting of flour, sugar, eggs, raisin bran! He made boiled frosting and took some of the M&Ms from the trail mix to decorate. A few rum drinks and compleanos later it was a late night (9:00) and time for the last sleep at Sunflower House.

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