Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Day Back

Hello All! this is the first post of the April 2007 trip to Bod Me Limbe coming to you from Miramichi, NB!

While the Team has arrived safely in BML they of course do not have internet access. However they do have a cell phone and today I was speaking with Tiffany to get an update.

All are fine except a cold bug has swept through the team. It is reported to be hot and muggy. They apparently saw 75 patients today and then retired for the first day recap meeting and charting. Delioga, Muele and Momma all send their best.

They have power thanks to the persistence of Caroline who has been issued a field promotion to Electrical Engineer and can immediately begin uploading and sorting photos and medical charts. Yeah fun at the end of a long and sticky day.

That is all. They will post as they get the opportunity or I will communicate the happenings as they are conveyed to me.



nbjess said...

Its great to see you arrived safe and sound. I will look forward to reading about your mission. Take care..God Bless

Anonymous said...

hi all, especially Miramichi group and Jon of course. Hope Big Pappo is keeping everyone in haiti in sticthes. any more skipping lessons?
Take Care and Stay Well
lots of love to all, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
How was the mission? We are all thinking about you guys and I am wishing I was part of the gang. safe flights home. Awaiting the stories.