Sunday, April 15, 2007

Safe Arrival in Fort Lauderdale April 15, 2007!

We have all arrived safe and sound here in Fort Lauderdale. We familiarized ourselves with the team and heard personal stories about why we are all here, while enjoying the ice in our drinks! (Apparently a luxury we will come to appreciate in the days to come.)

We then discussed some logistics and we are now off to bed at 19:45h.
We depart from the hotel at 5:15h and head out to our tiny plane hoping to keep within weight restrictions.

We look forward to hearing from you throughout our journey so please feel free to leave us your comments and encouragement.

Again...stay tuned for our posting on the 24th.

Kenbe La.


dickinm said...

Have a great trip! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you in Haiti. Have fun!
Mike, Alyssa, and Laura

JillA said...

Best wishes for a safe and exciting journey. We all need to be reminded sometimes that the people with the most to give are those with nothing to give except their admiration, gratitude and respect. You will all be the beneficiaries of this. Lucky you are!!!

Jill, David, and gang from St. John's

Anonymous said...

Why did you not take your electician friend with you, the phone bills a racking up!!!!!!!
Jim, the missing electrician.