Saturday, June 23, 2007

One Last Indulgence

We could not resist. For our last night in country we booked into the Montana. It is the hotel in PAP. Anyone who is anyone, and actually comes to Haiti, has stayed here and they post photos on a regular basis. From contemporary personalities my favourite was the one of Brad and Angelina from last year. I like to think I stayed in their room. Or Bishop Desmond Tutu, Fmr. President Clinton and both Martin and Cretien.

For those that know them and you know who you are Eunie, we had dinner with the Tour Haiti team. Cyrile says hi Eunie ;) Had the opportunity over dinner to watch the Canada - Haiti soccer match on TV. I am pleased and more than a little bit shocked to say that we won.

And that was that. Until October. We did meet with Gessner and company and are assured that the school will be open by September and hopefully the clinic as well. However we were clear that if resources or time was in doubt that it be put into the school. Which, by the way has an extra bit of free labour since Steve and I sponsored the village soccer team to go to a regional tournament. They could not go if they did not have uniform shirts and cleats and apparently $150US can buy you 20 shirts and 12 pairs of cleats. In return the offered to help Jo with the school whenever needed. A good investment I should think. We have not yet heard how they did.

One last thing worthy of mention. To date articles about our activites have been published in a number of our local newspapers and thank you all for getting this in as it is essential to recruitment and fundraising. If you have the articles please scan and email to me so that I have included them in the book. I am happy to say that nationally we have been published in the National Review of Medicine and most recently on the cover of the Medical Post with a 2 page article inside. From this I have recieved inquiries from 4 doctors across Canada wanting to volunteer. The magazine even offered to pay for the article, I do not know how much, which I will add to the fund for Sante Pou Yo.

That is all for now. I look forward to seeing you at the get together in Miramichi in August.

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