Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now For Some Indulgence

After a number of days sleeping on a mattress under a net in Jo's gazebo (it was way way too hot in the house, did I mention that Steve got heatstroke), it was nice to move into the Cormier Plage. A French owned hotel on its own beach with safe ice, hot water and air conditioning. I do think the best moment was pulling into the beach in a water taxi and seeing the "there goes the neighborhood" looks on the faces of less melanin endowed. Maybe the only thing better was the look of relief Steve and I stepped onto the beach!

We had Jo and Jumane with us as we figured they deserved a break and to say thanks for all the help they have provided over the last seveal months. I really think Jumane found her element.

The other denizens of the hotel included 14 UN security officers from various parts of the world who would all come to breakfast together before "work" wearing side arms. I never felt so safe in my life. Apparently there remains no accomodation in Cap so these guys get to live at what is essentially a beach resort during their tour while driving their big Land Cruisers over the Coco Beach road. Not a single one offered us a ride. Still a real rough way to live!

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