Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some Bad News

We did have some unfortunate serious business, little Robo, had taken ill a couple of weeks prior and had progressed to the point where he was unable to move either legs or arms, he would not eat and was not improving from the medicine that a local doctor in Bas Limbe had provided. The medicine was Vit B and antibiotics and the problem undiagnosed. I made arrangements with the Bon Samaritan Hospital in Limbe to see him and we hired a truck to haul us over what is the worst road I have ever travelled. One of the lingering benefits of colonization (I hate to say this) is that being a white they just opened the door and we walked right past the waiting room directly to Administration. I communicated the problem and accompanied Robo, Mwele and Teleora to see the Pediatrician on staff. Again with the benefits of rank they agreed to see him immediately and I waited. An hour later a preliminary diagnosis of polio was rendered and Robo was placed in an isolation ward to await further testing from the Ministry of Health.

I am pleased to report that as of yesterday however he has regained some use of his legs and seems to be improving. All is not yet lost. Please do whatever it is you do to send good thoughts his way.

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