Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another day in clinic

Karen and I spent another preparing the clinic. Thebuilding is ready including our triage rooms. We are using the school once again for triage. The clinic has 2 exam rooms, lab, pharmacy andregistration area. We are very excited to see the expressions on the team members faces when they see the changes. Personally, I'm very haPy with the work accompllished in just 18 months.

So we finished up around 4 and then headed out to Mongoio, a village 45 minutes away walking and by boat. We posted signs on our Sante Pou Yo board regarding the dates for next week's clinic.

It's always interesting to visit the smaller villages. We all can see the. Poverty in bod me limbe but it's even more proniunced in Mongoio.

More and more, we need to enhance the sponsorshipprograms for both children and seniors. This country is in such great need. For only 2o dollars forseniors and 50 for a chilld per month you can change a life. We are seeing it happen.

With the school opening and now the medical clinic the hope of the people is renewed. My goal is to maintain that hope and bring even greater improvements to the village including water and commerce programs.

My fingers are tired from the blackberry so goodnight.

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