Monday, May 05, 2008

Last day of preparation

Our final day and now the clinic is ready. We worked until 2 and then walked along the beach to Bas Limbe. We met with the nurse, carmel and learned more about the clinic. The services have improved since my last visit 18 months ago. The vaccination program has been expanded by the minister of health to 24 regions. Bodme Limbe is on the list and they will be by this Friday. That's great news. The clinic is funded by the ministry of health and Inbternatiional Child Care. We hope to share many resources with them and our new clinic. We met with Dr. Alexis, she's a new grad completing her year of social service in Bas Limbe. She will be coming to help at our clinic 2 days aweek and will spend some time with us this week.

We were running late for our meeting with the Sante Pou Yo Committee so wetook a motorcycle back to the village. Karen and I shared. The road was much drier than on ourprevious trip which will be good for the team tomorrow.

Our meeting with the Committee went well and we discussed our. New nurse and doctor.

We just finished dinner with Rivilino ourplumber/translator and his brother Sabto/translator. The guest house will/should be finished tomorrow.

We are excited to see the. Team and are off at 7 in the morning. More news then.

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Marc said...

Hey Tiff, just wanted to wish you guys a good trip. Keeping an eye on your blog. Hopefully Matty and the rest of the team made it! Please keep him in line. All the best, stay safe,

Tambrie said...

Hey guys! Looks like you are working hard! Take some time to enjoy the scenery and be careful.
We miss you here Tiff!
PS. Keep up the blog..I love to read it....:-)