Thursday, May 08, 2008

Welcomed back home in haiti

Well we have been here for three days now and due to the work done by tiffany and karen in advance of our arrival. Day one was new for some and a reconnection with friends for others but welcome for all. We started off with the easy stuff recheck day. Working til three pm and then for a swim. With all the kids of course. Please excuse the brevity tonight I am new to joes new blackberry and my thumbs are sore

Today we split the group in the morning sending joe to guiotan with yo magda pat. They came back at noon and then the floodgates opened. We worked til near dark and saw 200 patients. After a great dinner of grigot which is deep fried pork tiffany asked if we still had energy to package vitamins for the peds blitz in the morning. Leon shouted challenge and all evidence of fatigue disappeared the vitamins were packaged for the price of a round of drinks. Thanks to the newly working electricity the translators broke out a stereo and dancing began along with a strobing headlamps

All are well. The weather is cooperating and haiti is stable

Until next time

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