Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday Peds Blitz

Well after such a long day on Thursday we weren't sure what to expect with our First Peds Blitz.  This idea came as a result of the January trip when I asked parents to bring their sick kids and Dr. Magda and I ended up seeing 85 in 2 1/2 hours, over 75% of which received antibiotics.
So, the morning started off as usual with our registration and soon the kids were lining up.  We doubled up our registration staff and changed our room arrangements.  In general pediatric histories are a little shorter so we teamed up an MD, RN and support person for weight checks.  It was a busy morning with a constant flow of children under 5. 
One child particularly touched me, just 2 months old and born 2 months premature she was still only weight 2 kg.  The mom was young as well and as this was her first baby she is at very high risk.  For the first time, I'd seen a tree leaf on a child's head.  The fontanelle was quite large and they felt it would protect the baby.  Also, for the first time I saw a small child's sock used to keep the baby's head warm.  The infant was so small the sock stretched enough to cover the entire scalp.  Seeing this small neonate, I understand why infant mortality, at 12%, can be so high in Haiti. 
We also identified 5 children for our new Mamba progam on this day.  They will return on Saturday for group education about using this new peanut butter vitamin/nutrition supplement.
So by 12:30 we had seen 150 children under 5.  I was surprised to finish up so early.
Everyone was a little exhausted from yesterday so we could it easy in the afternoon.  Nancy did some education with Iranese, our new nurse, about dressings and the rest of the team helped organize the charts.
Around 2:30 we headed over for a needed break at Isle Caramel.  The water was refreshing and it gave the team time to discuss the week's clinic to date.
During the evening, I got news about a family medical emergency so I prepared to make arrangements to travel home.  The team is in good hands with Karen Cimer, RN from Newfoundland and my husband Steve.

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