Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday, Sunday, Monday updates

Just an update from the team in Bod me limbe.  Apparently Jo's Blackberry is down so I'll relay the messages for now.
Saturday, part of the team did a vitamin distribution program in 2 nearby villages.  They then returned to help the others finish up clinic seeing over 250 people.  The evening was a social night with Haitian drummers and singers just outside Jo's house.
Sunday, the day of rest and the Christening.  Marianna Lara Barbosa was christened at the Catholic Church and Marie-Claude's baby Sterlove at the Baptist church....both with Canadian Godparents of course.  The events were followed by lunch for the team and families at Jo's house.  later in the evening the team held the second Concert Night in the village.  Steve says the performances were entertaining.
Monday, this morning started out with the Guioton baby Blitz.  They got through the Guiotan village children by 10 am and were able to see children from the more distant villages of Titoit and Noman.  After lunch more adults with appointment cards with a finish time of around 4:00.  In total 84 infants and 54 adults.
Pat and Chris started working on incinerator today.  The main purpose of which is to dispose of our medical waste.  Chris has also been doing a great job in the lab, having been trained by the master leon.  He also observed Dr. Carl doing medical procedures.  Dr. Magda has given up her office to our new nurse, Miss Iranese who is following under Carl's careful guidance.  Magda is now floating between the 3 triage stations and apparently is doing a great job replacing me.
Steve said the heat was unbearable today as well.  I checked online and Cap haitien registered at 33...and plus there's humidity on top of that.  Let's hope it cools off a little for them the remainder of the week.

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