Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Second week

Sorry for the delay in posting again but it has been extremely busy. In the last few days we have done a series of minor surguries courtesy of carl vitamin visits to bouchi guiotan and bml conducted a baby blitz started the manba (a locally made nutritional supplement) program for malnourished children courtesy of yoella and had a record day of 250 patients.

We set up a data projector that pat brought and he and mat showed photos of previous vists and the real highlight shrek. Now we will make movie night a real occurance. Last night we did the village choir concert and at the request of everyone showed the photos again. James did a excellent turn as a broadway director and his production of how to not get diareaha was better than cats

Maybe most importantly mariana barboasa was christened yesterday with rola amy and myself standing as godparents. We were so proud and extremely sweaty. 200 people in a concrete box generates a lot of heat on a 30 degree day

Well off to work it is a bouchi baby blitz day and we are expecting 120 people. There is already a line and it is 6 am
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