Sunday, September 21, 2008

Haiti Update

I arrived into Port au Prince on Thursday and was picked up by our good friend and angle Etienne Bruny.  I spent the night with him and the 55 children to whom he is father, mother and protector at the orphanage.  I am very pleased to say that the orphanage is in good shape and the children well.  Great thanks from Etienne and the children to all those of you who help out.  He also have 6 babies at this timw between 9 months and 2 years as well as 250 children who come to the day school.  Before all went to bed all the children gathered around and sang bedtime songs and one child starts the bedtime prayer and all others join in.  A very touching moment for me.
On Friday I hopped a plane to Cap and was met by our friend from Montreal Pierre Minn who guided me around to my meeting with Dr. Calil of the Justinian Hospital ER.  These are the Konbite Sante folks from Maine with whom I am working to reestablish emergency service in Cap. 
I met Jo the next day and we spent most of the morning in the markets gathering the food and provisions for the grand opening of the clinic.  In reality it is an opportunity, at least for 1 day to feed the people of BML who are in dire straights of late just like the rest of Haiti with skyrocketing food prices and Hurricanes.  For instance a bag of rice is now over $60 and a gallon of gasoline is $10.  The usually crowded roads of Cap are erily quiet.
I went to Labadie with Jo for the night and we invited the new Cuban Doctor, Lianne over for dinner at the HTFH House along with the nurse.  She informs me that the vitamin distribution went very well and was well received and we agreed to do a peds blitz at the end of the next trip in November. 
Arrived to a very hot BML with Jo.  The Guest house is nearing completion and Jo has painted murals in the kindegarten classrooms at the school.  Iranise is doing well and I will be spending a couple of day with her this week.
More updates to come

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