Monday, September 29, 2008

A Successful Trip

Well I've made it back again safely to Bermuda. The trip overall was very busy but I was able to get a lot accomplished. On Tuesday I worked with Iranese at the clinic and finished the organization of supplies. She is doing well and enjoys her work at the clinic, however, she just announced that she is expecting but luckily has another RN to take her place for three months.

I was able to meet with the members of the Baptist Church sewing committee. The group is a little slow getting things off the ground. They have made arrangements for a teacher to come to the village. Now, the logistics of payment for the teacher/gasoline and supplies need to be fine tuned. It is difficult at the moment for people to find money for any type of schooling when the cost of food has increased greatly.

I also met with our Sante Pou Yo village committe. We discussed the upcoming project of Gift of Water, and they will search out an individual to be in charge of the program in the village. We discussed the mosquito nets, and the villagers are anxious for their arrival.

On Wednesday, Jo and I left Bod me Limbe for Cap Haitien where we met with Sharon Gaskill of the Starthrower Foundation. Sharon supports children and teens from Cap Haitien in school. She has a wonderful organization and has seen the joys of her hard work in many of her students attending post-secondary education.

I was also pleased to see Sister Rosemary, of Rayjon ShareCare, Cap Haitien Community Project. Our team first met Sister Rosemary at her day program and feeding center in Cap in February 2006. She recently returned from Canada and is working at the Missionaries of the Poor in Cap Haitien.

After a pleasant lunch with Sister Rosemary, Sharon and Jo I headed to the airport for my return flight to Port au Prince.

I met with friends there and discussed the present situation in Haiti. The whole country feels for those that have lost their families and homes, in the north, central and southern regions. There is actually a fundraiser planned in Cap to send support to those in most dire need in the area of Gonaives.

The situation looks bleak at the moment. With soaring food prices and the loss of Haitien crops, I believe it will get much worse before things start to improve. Food aid is coming to the country. Let us all hope that it gets to those most in need.

In our area, we will continue to push forward one day at a time. Helping as many patients as we can that present to our clinic. The children are anxious to return to school in October. It is the children....and their health and education....that will give this country hope for the future. They are the future of Haiti!

Our next group Medical Mission is planned for November 9th-20th. I will continue to send updates at that time.

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