Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back in BML

Hi folks just to let everyone know we have all (sort of) arrived back in Bod Me Limbe.  I say sort of since Kyle Phipps did not make the connection due to Air Canada mechanical problems and ended up back in Halifax.  He will be joining us on Thursday.  I bet he did not plan on making his first trip to Cap Haitien on his own.  don't worry we have one of our trusted local workers picking him up.  If you are reading Kyle enjoy the Tap Tap!

The Guest House is now officially completed and it is beautiful.  To all of you who stayed in school rooms and tents thank you for your patience.  To all those who may not have come because we were living rough this place is now luxurious!  Relative term of course but everyone gets a bed, there is running water, flush toilets and all the electricity the sun can produce.  Oh yeah and the official opening of Jo's Crappy Bar was last night.  For those of you that know you know what we are talking about.  Sentile has a new calling.

Well the pills got sorted the rooms rigged up and today was our first clinic day.  All went well and we are very pleased to be back.

Blog to you soon


Tiffany Keenan, MD CCFP
Ora International
Director: Haiti Village Health
7 Marley Beach Drive
Warwick WK08
Bermuda. 441-599-9913
Canada. 506-474-2429
skype.  tiffany.keenan.1971

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