Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday with Carolyn Lemay

Ah yes that soft hum of village activity that eases you into every morning in the village.  That is of course until the goats start bleating at the top of their little goaty lungs and the roosters that will inevitably soon see the inside of a pot start crowing at what, the moon since the sun can't possibly be up yet.  Who would have thought that the sweeping of dirt would be so loud.  All of is a welcoming cacophony that says you are certainly not home anymore.

Today we headed out to the clinic in Bas Limbe to meet with the doctors there and to work with them to expand our presence in the region and to reach out to the others.  We saw over 120 children doing triage and pharmacy from a small church in the community.  We treated a child for TB which is something which can cause great difficulty down here and will require followup for some time.  I would think one of the most interesting things I have seen on this my, Wow, third visit is the young child who came in with an extra finger on each hand.  While non-functional it looked just like an extra finger and who is to say that is not a bad thing ( a line stolen from Mr. Burns of the Simpsons).  We offered the mother and child to opportunity to return to the clinic on Saturday where we could remove the extra appendages safely.  We shall see if the come.

In Bas Limbe we met up with the delayed member of our team Kyle Phipps who never having been out of North America before has been baptized with a trip on Air Lynx himself and the entry into the Cap airport the ride by cab, school bus and then motor bike to catch up with us.  I  will leave the telling of this harrowing tale to him during his entry.  I do understand that he did forget and brush his teeth with tap water this morning.  We will see how that works out for him in a couple of days.  Some of the team chose to walk the hour back to BML while the rest of us went ahead in the truck to get started on the charts and do some village visiting.  

Jo as always never fails to impress with Italian for dinner and a lesson of Creole with our  translator Jean and cards into the night while Tiffany met with the Sante Pou Yo village committee.  Tomorrow is another day. 

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