Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday With Mary Anne

Hello from Bod Me Limbe! It is my first time back since the first visit in February of 2006.  Wow what change.  Well accept for one thing like the warm welcome offered by the local welcoming committee courtesy of bed bugs.  No matter how many precautions you take from bug spray to plastic covers to silk sleeping sacks someone always gets it.  This time it is me.

We did our first Peds Blitz day and saw over 110 children from the village.  I am amazed by the change in their health from my first visit.  Malnutrition is down, skin infections once a given are now few and far between.  This is all due to the combination a available medicines and public health education.  It really works.

We did see a few interesting things including one child with malaria and another to whom we provided money from our fund to send her to  the  clinic in Milot for a heart investigation.  We provided the child with nutritional supplements and some support to the mother to deal with the underlying malnutrition. 

We had a surprise and welcome visit from the UN today.  An Eqyptian and Nepalese Police Officer along with their Haitian counterpart were on regular patrol and heard that we were in the area and decided to drop in an say hello.  It is always heartening to know that there is someone out there should something unexpected occur.  

It was great to see that the Guest House was completed.  No more tents for me.  I can not say enough about  the benefit of a cold shower at the end of long day followed by a soft bed. 

One of our new recruits, Katrina Hicks from Australia via Bermuda was "christened" today with the first pee shower from a child during the Peds day.  Always a crowd pleaser to everyone but the one receiving the gift.  We also had one afterhours emergency visit from a child with a head wound which was closed up nicely with some of the wonderful DermaBond like duct tape is there anything it can't do

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