Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tuesday, November 18th

A little back dated post but here it is. Tuesday was another of our Pediatric Blitz today. We saw all children from the village of Guioton in the morning with add ons. There was a lumps and bumps clinic by Dr. Jan in the afternoon as well as rechecks from earlier in the week.

Jill had been scheduled to have a toothbrushing education session for the school kids but this was cancelled as the kids were off on a holiday. I guess that will have to wait until February.

Our afternoon ran a little late after all the patients were gone. All supplies needed to be put away and accounted for. Then there was the pharmacy where our faithful Miss Karen spends endless hours keeping track of all the meds to ensure that we have an adequate stock.

I spent the afternoon with Dr. Mona and Nurse Aldine reviewing medications, stocking their mini-pharmacy and discussing patient issues. It's so much easier leaving the clinic, knowing that the patients will have access to full time medical services.

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