Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wednesday, November 19th

Well through the night we all heard the rain....and some of us felt it too. For me it was a fine misting through my mosquito. For Jill in the large room it was a puddle of water on her bed that had been blown in through the eaves of the house. Either way, as I sat there listening to the rain, I knew we wouldn't be leaving Bod me Limbe by boat.

This is actually the first time we have been unable to cross the bay to Labadie by boat. Our back up plan, contact our new found friend with the 1 ton truck and hope that he can make it through the high waters of the mangrove swamp to the village.

For Nurse Karen it meant more time in the pharmacy, and it allowed me time to work on a new contract with our Haitian MD Mona. Luckily, the truck driver was able to make it through and the skies opened up to allow us a dry drive to Labadie.

The route was long though. Part way to Cap Haitien the rains began and we had to pull a blue tarp over the truck to keep us dry. It did just that, keep us dry, but I think the crew sitting at the front began to suffer some effects of the carbon monoxide that was venting up through the tarp.

After almost a 2 hour drive to Cap Haitien, we were ready to head to Cormier Plage where we would spend the night. Another 30 minutes and we had arrived. Cormier Plage is a beautiful Haitian "resort" with warm water and full electricity. It was a little luxury the team deserved after their 10 days of hard work in Bod me Limbe.

The weather was still wet and overcast so it was not a beach day, but at least time to reflect on the week, and prepare for our last day of children's visits in Labadie.

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