Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15th

The rains had continued, so my trip to Marbial was off for the day.  It was time for clinic with the FOTCOH team.
It was a very busy day with several very heart breaking cases.  The first was the 2 year old, malnourished as his father had difficulty supporting his three children since his wife passed away.  I had to give him just a little cash to support himself and maybe get his young boy on the road to good nutrition.
The second was a 35 year old with metastatic breast cancer that was oozing from her breast and lymph glands.  We cleaned her wounds and made her comfortable with analgesia.
Appreciate where you live!!  Appreciate Canada!!

Tiffany Keenan, MD CCFP
Haiti Village Health
"Sustainable Health Care in Haiti"
7 Marley Beach Drive
Warwick WK08
Bermuda. 441-599-9913
Canada. 506-474-2429
skype.  tiffany.keenan.1971

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1 comment:

Tambrie said...

Wow Tiffany.
What stories. So very hard to envision as I sit here in my basement, warm, well fed and comfortable. Quite embarrassing. I'll keep all the people in my prayers tonight. And you all as well.
Love Tam