Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14th

Well, a very productive day.  I started out in the morning with meeting regarding setting up a mobile dentist program, as well as a low cost dental service in the city.  If you have any dental friends please let refer them to me.  This has the potential to be a great program, both in the city and the countryside.
Next I was off to visit the government clinic in Cayes Jacmel.  Dr. Mona's husband, Wilson, works at this clinic.  He is completing his social service year there.  It's not easy for them as they have a 2 year old son, but the social service year is mandatory in Haiti.  Young doctors have to go wherever they're needed.  The clinic is in a lovely setting in the countryside.  They have 4 physicians on staff including Haitians and Cubans.  Unfortunately, they are not equipped with obstetric care but hope to have this in the future.
My following meeting was with Pastor Bob Davisson from Alberta.  Bob has 23 schools in the Jacmel area and is a wealth of information.  Together, we hope to open a medical clinic in Chabin at the site of his school there.
Sarah Wallace of Olive Tree Projects was next in line, prior to our group meeting.  Sarah is connected with midwives for Haiti who will soon be opening a branch in the Jacmel area, where she can provide prenatal services for free.
At 7:00, I hosted the first meeting of the Jacmel Health Network at the Cap Lamandou Hotel.  It was a great success with over 38 attendees.  We had representatives from Jacmel, Cayes Jacmel, Bassin Blue, Cas, PAP and Cyvadier.  They included foreign and Haitian physicians, nurses, orphange workers and school supporters.
There was interactive discussions with the Haitian physicians.  Our first plan was to set up an education arrangement for Haitian physicians with visiting ex-pat medical teams.  Other opportunities discussed were the mobile dental program, Dokte Chaq Semann, and networking regarding shipping and transportation issues.
This week my plan is to link more of the groups together.  Our goal...improving health care in the region.

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