Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday, May 21st Final Clinic Day

Well, our last day in Clinic. Mona and I joined the FOTCOH team for the final morning, and was it ever a busy one.

In the end, over 2100 patients were seen at the clinic. A large portion of these will be followed at future clinics for well baby checks, diabetes and hypertension.

After a long morning, Mona and I got together to wrap up some clinic issues.

My work still wasn't over, I met up with my good friend Michael Rigel and his wife Georgette. They have a ministry in Jacmel and will soon be attending a missions course in Florida.

The final meeting was later in the evening with the organization Fomavend'h. This group of Haitian professionals are working to establish a clinic in the small village of Casse, just outside of Jacmel on the route to Marbial. I had visited the village earlier in the week with the team from Healing Hands. It was a great opportunity to learn more about their organizations, and perhaps link them with another sponsor so that their dreams can become reality.

After that long day, it was time for bed and soon time to bid farewell to FOTCOH and Jacmel.

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