Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wednesday, May 20th Lavallee de Jacmel

Wednesday was another busy day. Mona and I got up early to head up to the mountains of lavallee de jacmel. It's about one hour from Jacmel through some beautiful countryside. The coolness of the mountain air was refreshing from the heat of the city.

We visited the hospital started by Dr. Charles Rene of New Orleans. He is from the region and still continues to visit 3 times a year with medical teams. As his teams do procedures in general surgery, obs/gyne and ophthalmology we wanted to visit to establish a referral process for patients in the area.

Later that day we returned to the city. While having lunch downtown we met the board of Pazapa. A day school for children with disabilities in the area.

Next meeting was with 2 new medical students sponsored by Pastor Placide and Lifeline Haiti. As they will start univeristy in the fall, I thought having some input from our doctor Mona, a haitian trained physician would be useful to them.

Next stop was the orphanage "We can build an orphange" home of many children infected with HIV. Lia Van de Donk supervises and from the smiles on the childrens faces we could see that she was doing a good job.

A quick stop at the office of Haitian Children's Home and we picked up our worm medications donated by an organization in Port au Prince, to do our deworming campaign in both Bod me limbe and Labadie later this month.

Back to FOTOCOH for a little break, but then a few hours with Mona just further planning the clinic. It's been a great two weeks working with her. On team missions we're some overwhelmed with patients that it's difficult to take time to plan. We've developed a list of health indicators that we'll follow in the clinic, will hire a new Agence Sante or Community Health Worker and Mona will increase her clinic time from two to three days per week. I just hope the donations come in to match this increase in services.

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