Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19th

My, it's funny how the days start to blend together.  I think I'm just so exhausted now it's difficult to think straight.
The day started with FOTCOH clinic.  Mona and I were off though mid-morning to meet with Verbo and the local government representative.  As you can probably see, this week has been full of meetings.  I've got plans for where I'd like the network to go but without the co-operation from the local government our work won't have the impact we want.  The delegate gave us an overview of the governmental system, and in the end pointed us in the direction of MSPP which is the ministry of Public Health.
This meeting was arranged for this evening.
In the meantime, we met with Danny Pye of the Haitain Children's Home.  Danny is a wonderful man and does such an amazing job living in Haiti and having 20 of his "own" Haitian children to support.  As he is rooted in Jacmel, he is a much needed source of contact on the ground.  We are presently planning a dental trip to Jacmel in the fall, and a school trip from Bermuda in February.
So that left us with our meeting with Dr. Delouche this evening.  It took us some time to come to some starting points as to how the Network can work with the MSPP.  Education and the Dokte Chaq Semann program were starting points.  Next step is to make everything official by submitting our plan to his office.  It is so important to have MSPP aware of all the activities in Haiti.  Through the network, we are trying to encourage this active participation in the governmental aspect of Health Care.  Yes, it will likely slow things down for us while getting their approval but at least they will be fully aware of our desires and maybe this project can be a tipping point for all NGOs working in Haiti.
Far fetched, yes, but why not dream big!  Ptit a Ptit.  You've got to start somewhere!!

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