Wednesday, January 27, 2010

update Tuesday, Jan 26th

I thought I should start to include the date on my updates, as I find it very hard to keep track of the days of the week.
Today I brought two other team members on board to help with our coordination project, Patrick Adams a freeland journalist and Barton Brooks who has extensive experience in International Grassroots aid projects.  They will augment our Haitian staff. Patrick will serve as liason with the Dominican Red Cross.  Barton will coordinate placement of personnel in the clinics around the city.   My nursing student Ruth came on board a few days ago as our secretary and my personal assistance.   Her cousin Fredo is coordinating our staff and transport at the airport.
We will be joined in the next few days by my former manager Jo Barbosa.  We also have an administrative coordinator working with the Canadian Disaster Assistance Response Team who will be providing guidance and support.
Today was busy with meetings.  I attending the UN logistics meeting in the morning and the health care meeting in the afternoon. 
I was also busy trying to coordinate the evacuation of an eight week old baby that had post-operative problems and coul not be weaned from the ventilator.  Unfortuantely the Miami field hospital in Port au Prince was full as was the USS Comfort.  We had search and rescue prepared to take the infant but without an accepting facility we were forced to keep her here overnight with limited resources.  I hope that they are able to wean her off the vent overnight.
I'm very excited by the work we're able to accomplish here.  Facilitating medical personnel working both in the city and countryside is an important task as the Haitian Healthcare infrastructure has taken a hit, and was not strong to start with.
I look forward in the upcoming weeks to further coordinate with Save the Children, Medair, Plan International and Caritas.

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