Monday, January 25, 2010


Another long day, it's midnight and I thought I'd be in bed much earlier but I got excited when I heard news that our first Red Cross shipment was at the port.  We're coordinating logistics for pick up now.
Today was very busy at the airport, several flights from the US with volunteers and supplies.  There were no US flights today.  The Canadian military has been busy though.  They are continuing to unload gear for their new base camp in Jacmel.  And tonight I was surprised to see lights on the runway and a C-130 dropping off more supplies.
This morning I attended the logistics meeting at UN headquarters.  We discussed issues of storage of goods, transportation and security.  The Canadian government, CIDA, and WFP along with other partners were in attendance.  There is still much to do but shipments are moving.  Presently our storage depot is the central facility in Jacmel.  Supplies are being distributed to hospitals and clinics in the area.
 As I stated, we had sevveral volunteers arrive today.  I was happy to be in communication with the hospital facilites in Leogane, an area just north of Jacmel.  We were able to airlift a general and orthopedic surgeon.  An anesthetist was transported just about 30 minutes after he landed and an emergency room doctor later in the day.
The general hospital was very busy with patients, with the Community coalition for Haiti doing primary triage.  Several patients were referred to the hospital in Cayes Jacmel, just 20 minutes east of the city.  They have 3 operating rooms and the doctors have been busy, but not overwhelmed.  The main concern is supplies.  For those in the medical profession, we know that orthopedic surgeons are like carpenters, they need their drills, screws and plates.
I was happy that Dr. Charles Rene of Lavallee de Jacmel arrived today.  He came with a large surgical team to start operation in Lavallee, about 45 minutes west of the city.
More tremors today as well.  I heard that we are actually still getting 3-5 tremors per day, and will until the tectonic plates actually settle in place.
I did receive an update today on figures for this disaster.  111,000 confirmed deaths and 185,000 IDP (Internally displaced people).  Startling, the numbers speak for themselves.
Tiffany Keenan, MD CCFP
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