Sunday, March 14, 2010

Airport Changes

Well, I'm still trying to micromanage issues from home.  Yesterday our Canadian friends, the military left the airport.   Our staff arranged a small goodbye for them on Friday by having a Haitian Troubadour band perform.  Their departure brings changes to our airport.
The Canadian had been providing security, and were giving the Airport Authority instruction on airport operations.  We will see how this week unfolds without their presence on the ground.
Namita Kumar, my logistics rep from Canada has been doing a wonderful job keeping the flow going on the ground.  My staff still remain Ruth, Fredo and Gaby however on Thursday when the electricity was removed (as the Canadians were closing up) we moved our main operations to the Haiti Village House Guest House located about 5 minutes from the airport.  One staff member still remains at the airport daily, with internet connection being available at the house.
Haiti Village Health had received a donation of crank-handheld flashlights from the Canadian military.  These were distributed this week by team members.  Namita will send an update of her time spent at the refugee camp giving out these lights. 
On the home front, Bermudians Leanna Lambert (upcoming journalist), Dr. Kianna Simmons (dentist) and Dr. Kimberly Rego (physician) are planning their journey to Haiti on March 19th.  Dr. Simmons is hoping to start a regional dental facility in Jacmel as her mother is originally from the area.
Fundraising, the Bermuda Government hosted a "FOR HAITI WITH LOVE" telethon last sunday and the total is up to $100,000.    Haiti Village Health was represented and will receive 1/4 of the proceeds which is wonderful.
Fundraising efforts were happening in Canada as well with a concert night hosted by Susan Butler and a hockey game hosted by Jonathan Cormier with proceeds towards HVH and ORA (a partner in Canada).
Please continue to think of Haiti village Health as our budget has grown from $25,000 annually to $40,000 with extra staff and supplies we've needed post earthquake.
Thank you for your support. 
Dr. Tiffany Keenan
Haiti Village Health, Founder & Director
NGO Coordinator, Jacmel Airport   (Haiti Health Database)
Bermuda 441-599-7709
Haiti 509-3727-5832, 3486-6020
skype  tiffany.keenan.1971


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