Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update, Saturday, back in Haiti

I just wanted to give you an update from Jacmel and also share the article wrtten about my work, and the work of Joseph Barnell, and list other great contacts for telecomms in PAP.

I spent just 24 hours in PAP but made great connections with JPHRO, a relief organization started by Sean Penn and Alison Thompson which provides direct relief to the second largest IDP camp in PAP.  They're doing great work servicing a refugee camp (IDP camp) of over 50,000 people.
They have teamed up with Bill Coltart's CMAT,   who will help provide a staff of medical volunteers and
IMAT, Chris Thompkins 
(I sent Chris and other volunteers to Leogane in days after the quake where they ended up working with CMAT)
I met Dr. Jim Thompson,
The work he is doing in biosurveillance in PAP is amazing, and for only 500K he could get the country connected.  The article on SMS technology for tracking this epidimilogy information could easily be applied to distribution and supply of medication and even medical personnel.
Today we spent time working on our Networking meeting for the Southeast on Monday.  We have invited all NGOs in the area, along with OCHA, the Mayor's office and the Senator's office. 
We sat down tonight with 4 of the large health NGOs in jacmel to plan on how we can improve our own coordination and.
I feel that this is finally starting to come together and will keep you posted on the south, Hopefully we'll get our protype started in the north soon (we've already had a meeting with MSPP there) and with funding, only 750K, we can get all of Haiti coordinated in terms of NGOs.
In a country that has more NGOs per capita in any of the world, why does Haiti remain in such chaos?  Some may complain about the lack of coordination in the Haiti government, or corruption.  I say one of our faults as first world society's is our own lack of coordination among NGOs.
The time is now for change.  I only hope that there is someone out their with funding to help me, and the many small NGOs I've worked with , to make that change happen.


Dr. Tiffany Keenan
Haiti Village Health, Founder & Director
NGO Coordinator, Jacmel Airport   (Haiti Health Database)
Bermuda 441-599-7709
Haiti 509-3727-5832, 3486-6020
skype  tiffany.keenan.1971


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